Welcome to Sky Force of Canada!

Biblical, Adaptable, Affordable

A children’s ministry for your church!

Sky Force will help you create a complete
children and youth ministry, customized
to your church’s unique circumstances.

 Sky Cadet uniform

  • Does your church need a ministry to children and youth, from ages 4 to 11?
  • Do you have unique needs and challenges that make it hard to employ other programs?
  • Do you feel limited by having to conform to “a program” instead of adapting the program to meet your children’s needs?
  • Do you want to address the specific needs of your the children in your ministry?
  • Do you want to use the great Bible studies you already own?
  • Do you need to only use the helpers, facilities, resources and creativity actually available to you?
  • Do you need a program that is economical and doesn’t require a large investment in membership, materials and uniforms?
  • Do you need to have materials in English or French?

Sky Force is 100% Canadian developed and operated, evangelical and co-ed.

Our experienced youth trainers help each local church develop their own unique ministry to children, not just how to “run a program”.

Our aim is to help your church provide a ministry to the children and families in your community, focusing on a balanced mental, physical and spiritual program with Bible studies, crafts, games and special events.

We provide organization, plans, materials, uniforms and training for leaders so that your church can offer a Bible-centred, economical, adaptable, co-ed, and balanced ministry to your community.

Please explore our website to get an idea of what Sky Force can offer, and then contact us or more information! We can talk with you, send you a package of material or we can come and make a presentation about how Sky Force can help your church minister to young people and their families in your community.


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